VivoLink is The New High-End Cable Brand for AV Professionals

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- 25. ledna 2016 14:34
VivoLink is The New High-End Cable Brand for AV Professionals

VivoLink is the name of a new quality brand offering a variety of professional cables including cables for: HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA, Mini Jack, RCA, USB, RS232, Speaker Raw Cables and Adapters.
"What we often hear from professional customer´s experiences is, that even expensive and well-known A-brand cables, expected to be of high and stable quality, is unfortunately of highly variable and poor quality," says Jesper Aarestrup, Sales Director, VivoLink, at EET Group. "One reason for this is, that many vendors switch between manufacturers, and the raw materials and parts therefore vary in quality, from one delivery batch to another."
Cables of bad quality can cause a lot of unnecessary and time-consuming support of products and installations, which is in fact not due to failures in the products or the installation, but only are due to the use of bad cables, with poor connection or poor shielding.
Vivolink is developed and designed to meet the Professional AV users needs and demands for high and reliable quality, to ensure high performace of their installations.
"With the VivoLink assortment we want to make sure our professional customers get consistent and stable cable products, made from high quality components, produced by the same manufacturers every time," says Jesper Aarestrup.
More product categories targeted AV professionals
For now the VivoLink range features the Cables & Accessories series including: HDMI cables, DisplayPort cables, DVI cables, VGA cables, Mini Jack cables, RCA cables, USB cables, RS232 cables, Speaker Raw Cables and Adapters.
Later on VivoLink will introduce new product categories, in similar high-end Pro-AV quality, like: Outlet Panels & Wall Connections, Control Boxes, WhiteBoards and Active Speakers.

All VivoLink products are developed to be stable and reliable, high quality products targeted at AV Professionals. 
Meet VivoLink at ISE 2016
EET Group will present the VivoLink assortment at ISE in Amsterdam from 9th to 12th of February 2016. VivoLink will be exihibiting at Booth 1-E68.