Grandview Projector Ceiling Bracket

Length: min. 506 & max. 683mm Grandview GV132063. Ceiling mounting tube length (min): 50.6 cm, Ceiling mounting tube length (max): 68.3 cm


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Více informací o produktu

Turning inspiration into reality requires the most attention and dedication to ideas and detail. Combined with advanced technology and processes, Grandview possesses the tools needed to put our inspiration into reality all over the world.
Innovation is providing distinctive products and creating brand personality. Grandview is consistently adhering to the spirit of innovation and using it to create more and more global firsts. Grandview is a fashion orientated brand leader in the projection screen industry.
Grandview has over 30 patented technological features enabling us to add value to our products. We believe our focus and dedication to design and engineering allows us to offer high quality products that our customers have grown accustomed to. Our goal is to provide our customers with the ultimate viewing experience.
The Grandview R&D team includes some of the world's most talented and experienced engineers and designers. They are experts in the fields of industrial design, structural design, design engineering and much more. We use the most updated engineering and design software and hardware to ensure accuracy and efficiency is achieved. This also enables us to shorten the product development cycle while being able to maintain a superior output quality. Every new product development is the combination of ideas and effort. In the development of new products, Grandview research and development team always appreciate customer feedback and meet the demands of their applications. This ensures both individual and multi-level requirements are met.

*Applicable distance of projector holes:
Model D: 40~310mm
Model E: 45~345mm
Model F: 50~365mm
*The length of mounting bracket:
300~400mm (GPCM-D3040)
400~600mm (GPCM-D4060)
350~400mm (GPCM-E3540)
450~600mm (GPCM-E4560)
504~684mm (GPCM-F400)
*Maximum weight: 20Kg

* Wires collection
* Adjustable main bar
* Horizontal angle: ±8°
* Vertical angle: ±15°
* Horizontal rotation adjustment: 360° (Only for Model E)

Ceiling mounting tube length (min)50.6 cm
Ceiling mounting tube length (max)68.3 cm
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